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One of the first games I ever played on Newgrounds, back in 2001. Still have fond memories of it and the background song too. Used to spam the nitro boost until it filled the whole screen and lagged my computer to death.

Best hentai racing game that's ever existed, and definitely one of the best indie retro kart racing games in recent years, for sure. (I'm not just saying this because our character's in it, either; it's legitimately a great game with a lot of potential!)

ShadyCornerGames responds:

Thanks bby <3

Rating is primarily for the puzzle/action game itself, which is really original and neat; it was engaging enough that I wanted to master it (and I did get a no mistake run on hard after 10 or 20 tries!), but simple enough that you don't feel overwhelmed by the rules.

Really cool idea, looking forward to more games from you!

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thank you for playing my game, hey, to be honest, when I got started few months ago, you are one of indie game creator I was researching and regarded as successful model, and I believe I've learned a lot from you when I was confused(I'm referring to the things other than game itself) So I also need to thank you for that, you have my respect.

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You should post this on Tumblr so I can reblog it!

DJEvilNeon responds:

I think I'll do that :P thanks!