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Shekateka Shekateka

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty interesting concept, fun to play, could definitely be expanded on into a full game with powerups, different enemies, you should go for it!

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Running VoltGun Running VoltGun

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazingly done game especially for Ludum Dare's time constraints; awesome job on the music, presentation, gameplay, everything, pretty much.

Definitely a throwback to Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier both, pays tribute to both of them in a great way while adding a little something new to the mix!

My only complaint is that Temper Gadget's 2nd stage had something in it that was a bit annoying; when you shoot the purple blocks out to fall down near the start, you can get stuck in between them and shooting horizontally doesn't destroy the blocks (there were a few collision bugs with enemies or objects being too close to you and not being hit), and since you can't walljump off the purple blocks, you effectively get killed with no way out.

Besides that, great job, for sure!

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TriQ TriQ

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty much ready for mobile multiplayer if you can give it a bit more polish and some music and leaderboards.

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Trimage Trimage

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's somewhat short, but it's got a very interesting concept that if expanded on, could be a pretty neat game!

I'd like to know what was in the crates exactly though and what those little white dots were doing when I picked them up, as well as having the lasers only get disabled by certain abilities so the water ability isn't the only one constantly drained. (It doesn't seem like water harms enemies though, or does it?)

AdamCreations responds:

Hey there, thanks for playing! Those white dots were health, though I ran out of time to tutorialize it. The lasers can be disabled by all three abilities, but the triggers that disable fire are limited to water. All three of the magic powers harm enemies.

TEthreeS TEthreeS

Rated 5 / 5 stars

As other people have said, a hold function and being able to hold the left/right arrows to quickly move left/right would be awesome.

Besides those two nitpicks, this is a very, very unique take on Tetris, and it's really unfortunate that the Tetris Company is as sue-happy as they are, because I'd love to see this turned into a multiplayer online game. Incredibly fun and challenging, this is seriously an awesome idea.

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Heavy Headed Hydra Heavy Headed Hydra

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The reason I rated this 5 stars is because the gameplay itself gets a bit old pretty fast and it's pretty slow paced, the actual concept and control scheme is really impressive, and I'm surprised I got somewhat used to it as fast as I did.

If you added a lot of polish to this visually as well as better execution (faster gameplay, more things to do, upgrades, possibly things like needing to fly your ship through corridors, that sort of thing) this could easily be a full fledged game that would sell well just for the odd factor.

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cubehero responds:

Thank you for your insightful comment! I'm not currently planning to make a more robust version of this, but I think I'd be able to make it more fun with more time (this game was made in around 8 days or so) and fewer restrictions from following the Game Jam theme! If I decide to work more on it I'll try to keep your comments in mind!

Get Creamed! Get Creamed!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Stylistically, this game is alright, the concept is nice too, but a few nitpicks;

The "Rage Mode" isn't ever mentioned in-game (only in the info for the entry), and even when it happened, the visuals made me think that I was going to have to defend myself, so I pressed nothing initially, only realizing it was my time to attack when time had nearly ran out.

As others have mentioned, not only does the vanilla one have a much more reduced tell compared to the others, the time frame to counter her is almost nonexistent at times; more than a few times I hit the up button nearly instantly on reaction and still got hit.

While you can tell how much life you have left by the effect on the player's body, the heart that appears in the middle of it covers up the numbers, so having that moved to the side a bit so we can see the exact numbers would be nice, too.

Also didn't see any mention in the info or the game itself that rage mode heals you up to full, which is pretty important to let the player know; having some sort of aura around the player after they've healed to let the player know something's happened, as well as an aura around the demon that's about to attack would have been really good to communicate both of those things to the player.

Besides that stuff though, nice work! Would definitely like to see more from you :)

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Blind Blade Blind Blade

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty nice concept, but like others have said, definitely needs to be fleshed out more, as well as more refined communication to the player as to what's happening at times (sometimes it seems like you die for almost no reason despite there being seemingly no attackers nearby, other times I'll attack and hit someone I thought was a long distance away).

Also would suggest not immobilizing the player if they block a hit, as this leads to some no-win situations. Definitely an awesome concept and generally pretty well done though, especially for a game jam!

Royal Cats Royal Cats

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty solid concept! You could really make some complex stuff with this, and it's generally well executed, too.

The only things I would have liked to see would be a faster death animation (or a way to skip it), and maybe even a small bit of storyline as to why we were stealing food from the royal kitchen and what these coins are for, as well as even a single screen at the end as a reward for ending.

There's also an odd bug where if you click on the right side of the screen after dying, the game goes back to the title screen.

Otherwise, nice stuff!

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AvixGames responds:

We promise to fix all these less polished aspects after the jam :)

Thanks a lot for playing and giving us your valuable insights! :D


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great concept and execution in general, although these were my nitpicks;

Character speed, in general, was fine at first, but as the levels went on, the slowness of their movement started to make the game feel like a bit of a drag. If every character had say, a button you could hold to make them move faster, or even do a quick dash (which could even allow for new abilities too!), gameplay would feel a lot more upbeat (and match the pace of the music too).

I also think it'd be nice to have had all three ducks right from the start; the gameplay is straightforward and simple enough that the menu screen at the start could have explained all three ducks and allowed us to jump right into action with them.

Small nitpicks though, you could easily turn this into a full game with some extra polish!

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Butzbo responds:

Now that you mention the speed, I did wanted them to have different speeds (Brick is the slowest, which is not so convenient since he has to travel great lenghts on stage 6, oh well) but since you have to do longer walks as the game progress, it's one thing to improve on an expansion.

I'm not completely sure about the 2nd thing as I went for a complexity curve where you go learning about each duck in the process -And I did wanted to include some one-duck and two-duck puzzles- that said, it's good to know that they are not so complex to learn and I think it's worth testing to see how approachable it is.

Thanks for the review and comments! :)