Future Fragments v0.17 is up over at Patreon! (Changelog inside)

2017-03-01 01:34:47 by hentaiwriter


With the instant pledge system, if you pledge $5 you can instantly get the demo off of the activity feed :)

(For reference, the Newgrounds demo is v0.12, a lot of improvements are in the Patreon version over this one!)

If you'd like to see what the changes are, here's the opening screens for the demo listing the changelog as well as what we have in store for v0.18!





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2017-03-01 21:13:19

A description of what the hell this is would probably convince more people...

hentaiwriter responds:

I've since edited the post for more clarity, but if you haven't played the original demo (which represents v0.12), it's at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/683361 :)


2017-03-02 15:20:08

Good move keep that in mind in the future...


2017-03-04 03:55:01

I still can't figure out the instant pledge system. All are monthly payments?

hentaiwriter responds:

So the instant pledge system instantly charges you your pledge amount for that month.
In doing so, you have immediate access to the current demo, the activity feed, etc.
Then, at the start of next month, you'd be charged again, and have access to the activity feed and demos and such again for that month.

However, if say, a demo comes out in February, and you paid for that month, but the demo comes out really late into the month (like the 27th or 28th) and you didn't catch it in time off the activity feed, I send a message to all the people who pledged successfully in February regardless so you're ensured that month's demo.

For the reward tiers, all the rewards under (OPTIONAL REWARDS) are one time pledges only, so say, if you wanted to get the sound pack, and you pledge once to that tier, you'll get all future iterations of the soundpack forever without having to pledge to that tier aanymore.

That said, you'll need to pledge at least $5 monthly to get demos, as demos are posted to the activity feed for $5 and up backers, and so once you'd stop pledging that $5, your access to the activity feed would expire. (The demos are downloadable though, so you'd of course be able to play any demos you'd downloaded forever.)