Remappable controls for Future Fragments!

2016-11-11 18:48:09 by hentaiwriter

Hey, we just updated the Future Fragments demo to allow for reconfigurable controls! Press the ESC key to remap them!


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2016-11-19 14:59:16

Please upload the final version do not forget new grounds :)

hentaiwriter responds:

While I'll be uploading other demos to Newgrounds of Future Fragments, the full game will cost $20 ($10 if you pledge on Patreon before the game's finished), so I unfortunately won't be uploading the full version here. Sorry!


2016-11-19 15:01:59

A perfect game everything is perfect


2016-11-19 17:18:36

For when will the game final version be ready?
And will there be another demo?
please answer

hentaiwriter responds:

The game should be complete around Spring 2018, if all goes well!
There will be at least two more public demos by then, for sure :)


2016-12-09 19:17:52

You should add a feature where you can press a key (Lets say, K) and it pauses the game and pops up a menu with the options to set how much damage H does and if it stuns you or not. And if we could know what the player's max health would be