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ProjektMelody's in an 18+ adult hentai game?!

Posted by hentaiwriter - July 4th, 2020

Posting this for my good friend Shades, of Shady Lewd Kart; our character, Talia, from our game Future Fragments, is also in Shady Lewd Kart, as well as an entire track based off of a level from our game too!


ProjektMelody joins Shady Lewd Kart in an exclusive event!


Unlock Melody, Melware, Vday Mel and a Tom Kart, and listen to her moan as she powerslides!

We also have new tracks, new modes including No Nut Mode and Driving School, animated sex scenes and loads of lewd goodies! Check out the latest update for Shady Lewd Kart on steam!

Steam Page: https://tinyurl.com/lewdkartsteam

Support them here: https://patreon.com/datgame



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Damn, now I feel bad for not picking it instantly when they sent us a key in curator connect. A colleague reviewed it ;.; . Missed my chance. Could you give me a tip on how to contact the devs?

Sure thing, just look up https://twitter.com/datshadycorner on Twitter (although we already talked about this on Discord over a week ago :P)

As did Ella from Fleppyflepster.